Continuum Holdings Limited – Directors USA report back.

The Directors of Continuum have recently returned from the USA, after an extensive market research and structuring trip, throughout Georgia, and ending in New York.

Rick Makin had this to say:

“It would appear that the investment climate in Georgia presents a great opportunity for investors seeking both yield and growth. Georgia may be a little behind the leading US State economies in terms of recovery, and this means that there are still great value propositions to be found.Georgia is also showing very solid economic fundamentals and is rated number 15 in a recent survey of states in the USA.”

(See Business Insider)

“The trip also successfully finalized our structuring and setup objectives.” Said CHL Financial Director, Alan Burrow. ” We successfully attended to all corporate formation, tax and banking compliance requirements for doing business in the USA. In addition, we have established and consolidated our key professional and operational relationships. We are set for business.”

CHL has two corporate subsidiaries in the USA:
• Continuum Investments LLC, registered in Delaware with an office in New York; and
• Continuum Georgia LLG, registered in Georgia with an office in Atlanta.