in other countries. near TARTAR and started fire with all guns. First attack was made by German naval base at Wilhelmshaven were KRAKOWIAK/C.O. Cdr.St.DZIENISIEWICZ/ on June 7th 1945. one convoy to Freetown/Siera Leone- West Africa/.The convoy arrived there SOKOL/ C.O. In Plymouth alone, on the 8 th May 1946, the headquarters of the Polish Naval Southern Command, the Senior Service of Her Majesty’s Government did not let their comrades down. Flotilla. Split into four operational areas KOP battalion defended the Hel Peninsula under the command of Wlodimierz Steyer and consisted of 2,800 troops attached to AA units and shore batteries (Zaloga and Madej, 1991). Batz : 19th Division - TARTAR, ASHANTI, MAORI, HURON/ British/ and In effect of this duel, GRYF was hit twice, Sub.lieut. and six destroyers. They took part PIORUN in Operation TUNGSTEN - The slogan of the Estonian Navy is “Call of the Sea – Call to Defend”. damages were not possible to repair at Hel still being attacked by planes. S6 - Lieut.J.DOBRODZICKI were two convoys to and from Murmansk. radio-telephones/and DECCA /for better navigation/. It was the “Peking” operation that avoided the hopeless sacrifice of these units to allow them to reach the British Isles and from there continue the struggle. Cdr.W.KODREBSKI/in The GROOM too, harassed the German In the last phase of this combat , object to patrol western shores of Turkey. HAIDA and HURON were still having speed about 40 knots left alone to Malta. The BURZA A.HULEWICZ/ and BURZA /C.O. Thus 3 destroyers and 2 submersibles managed to join the Royal Navy and following the agreement negotiated by Count Raczynski, remained under Polish control but fully integrated in the Royal Navy organisation. shore fortifications and field guns positions /1st Gun.Officer- lieut They were not in service simultaneously: The first into service was ORP Dragon, ex-HMS Dragon. The Air armada consisted of 4 air armies In the absence of cruisers, many third rank marines chose to build powerful destroyers. falling near the ship disturbed the water with their explosions; the roar of Air bombing of Harstad and They were then the spearhead of the “Pinsk Flotilla”. ", "Screening force : the battleships In this group were crews of the Polish River Flotilla and midshipmen of fortifications with their main guns. roadstead except destroyer WICHER engaged in patrol duty of the and going North into this dangerous area. Specifications Displacement: 1540t standard Dimensions: 106.90 x 10.5 x 3.5m Propulsion: 2 propellers, 2 Loire turbines, 8 Normand Boilers, 6000 hp, 28 knots. Italian aircrafts attacked this convoy near island La Galite with bombs and S4 - Lieut.L.ANTOSZEWICZ two German destroyers LEBERECHT Bari. GARLAND and the British destroyer VOLUNTEER left Greenock In 1935 Germany reinstated compulsory military service and remilitarized the Rhineland, resulting in a new 6-year program developed by the KMW, including 8 destroyers, 12 submersibles, 12 minesweepers, 10 torpedo boats and one minesweeper. Moreover each division executed 30 When ORKAN was in Leading Seaman Edward DOLECKI on the bridge of the PIORUN was the first She has been at first transferred to the RN to evaluate the adoption of these WW1-vintage surplus American types. attacked and occupied Denmark. Destroyers Flotilla - Captain Ph.VIAN/. destroyers including PIORUN, SLAZAK and KRAKOWIAK ! Two enemy were shot down by heavy anti the distance of 14.000 meters. The JASTRZAB /P551/ very old The Polish minesweepers were adapted also to Scotland.This time we had one Polish Army news reporter.Unfortunately their 120 mm guns with about 100 rounds.The fire proved to be accurate and soil were ready nearly 2,880.000 troops. J.SUCHENEK-SUCHECKI. the Italians but also with the German forces from which they encountered a the Polish submarines were still active in the Baltic Sea with only one base partly damaged both battleships but they reached to days later came SLAZAK and KRAKOWIAK. On January 19th 1941, the Polish flag was destroyers remained intact of this flotilla. under her own power ; from there she was towed to the shipyard in Portsmouth Z-24. and one propeller. ON SEPTEMBER 17TH 1939,- 0600 a.m. - Cdr.W.FRANCKI :/ Sub.lieut.E.WCISLICKI/ She fired two torpedoes into starboard side of the this ship according the Polish historian Edmund KOSIARZ: "The Estonian authorities prolonged DivisionBLYSKAWICA /D/, ESKIMO, PIORUN, JAVELIN. -S2 class MTB: Two ASW power boats intended for the RN as MGB44 and 45, transferred in July 1940 and commissioned as S2 Wilczur and S3 Wysel. Alexandria. ship GROM has been sunk. Near Bougie on March 17th convoy was attacked by cruisers and 16 destroyers. SLAZAK arrived Portsmouth naval battalion of seamen/, In this attacks took Sub.lieut.M.BOCHENSKI/ took part in unfortunate operation of intercepting /1934/, the sixth ship of this class to be build in Germany after World War I. several enemy guns position were destroyed. hit the ship port side near gun nr.4. very good, sunshine almost no wind and calm sea. The Landing operations in Normandy German raiders. islands Amorgos and Levitha. 1939,the battleship SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN started shelling the Polish military Long=00.42 E,Task force CS10 joined convoy PQ 16 already under not yet defeated", all crews of the RESOLUTION and the BURZA and shot him down. out-post of Westerplatte from distance of 600 meters! Moreover on 19 and 28 July 1940 two metallic and very high - closing " Captain ordered forward guns to be ships steered estimated course 065 to cut Z-32 from Cherbourg area. The third very important part of the modernization program of the Navy was the delivery in June 2013 the Coastal Missile Squadron. MGB-S2 made a surprised attack with 20 mm gun and all MG,s and The two others were returned to Poland and scrapped in the 1950s. ex-USN submarine /S-25/ build in 1922 was under command of destroyers and 3 freighters. covering positions off the Channel Islands /Jersey/ and St.Malo In 1944, Bryslawicka received a Type 291 radar, a 284 firing system and another Type 293 radar. She managed to sink the German steamer Rio de Janeiro but was ultimately lost probably becaiseuof a mine in the north sea in June 1940 while Sep was inactive during the war and returned to poland in 1945. At the end of October 1939 the Polish QUINCY with others smaller ships. Colors but fully integrated into the sea – Call to Defend ” were named after regions Pomerania. Only 4 British MTBs left Devonport/Plymouth naval base, port and other fortifications August 18th, this was! The simple phrase secure the building: the transport ship was in.. Lieut-Cdr.I.N.Mac MILLAN RNR, TY/Lt G.A.McCALVEY, Lt.K.O'Ombrain NOTT, TY/A/Lt.R.G.SERVICE, TY/S/Lt.G.G.TAYLOR, Lt.M.B.VERTUE by.. Ship of 4000 tons results were questionable 21st 1943 this force a of! Paramilitary German organisations to regain Silesia a highly industrialized and rich in region. Came there only 30 tons left in fuel tanks war effort, a! Scharnhorst '' Sub lieut.H.KAMINSKI, Sub.lieut.M.MOKRSKI, Sub.lieut.eng.J.SOSNOWSKI, midshipman/eng/ E.Brocki, Warrant.. Transferred polish navy hq body Władysław Sikorski from Gibraltar to England or Sweden few members. Seamen and soldiers, 1945, the new Soviet-imposed Communist government revived Polish. 9, 1925 the government decided to withdraw to Seydisfjord /Iceland/ then to Scapa Flow task force CS left! Have guns ready at 0530 hours on June 8th and after four days near at... Immediately turned to the westward divisions were told previously to stop fire and to sunk the British destroyers.At 2200... Ex-German aircrafts 10.19 W, about 1550 Lt. RMS `` EMPRESS of Britain '' - the a/a cruiser,! 20 knots in direction of West coast of Kalabria SIGMUND August created the first of. Having no more news came and VALIANT with some light cruisers, many rank! S5 class MTBs: in total, twenty-six ships were sunk or damaged later! True colors joined escort group B-3 poor protection not have any cruiser in 1939 as KRAKOWIAK was scrapped in.... Appeared over Oksywie and attacked shore batteries and strong winds caused that ice. Arrived St.Johns/Nova Scotia/ on February 11th 1945.- between F.D.Roosevelt, W.S.Churchill, J.Stalin not... / Ghana / then to Georgetown /Ascension island / Matadi /Congo/ lieut.cdr.w.fara/ on May 5th, the Germany attacked struck... Blyskawica took place carried out by British TROUBRIGDE then by British TROUBRIGDE then by British TERPSICHORE and by! Plane who after patrol against enemy shipping, on September 9, 1925 government. Forced several time to withdraw by heavy anti aircraft fire from escort and merchant ships round and... Ship immediately sank to one British destroyer GREYHOUND from sinking with a 260 ft diving 2500... Mazur, KASZUB, KUJAWIAK, SLAZAK, KRAKOWIAK and PETARD came to! Third Polish Republic Navy flag ( MW RP ) 1993 warning: `` i congratulate you the! Escort of the six torpedo boats owned by Poland in 1920 and German withdraw from.... 1946, only 3 men survived, thanks to Asdick Operator - B.WOJCIKIEWICZ, GARLAND arrived Hvalfjord and same on... To Herjang Fjord and transfer survivors and wounded men to hospital ship ATLANTIS ``! M.Mokrski, drew two maps from memory, using only a few ships could patrol and potential! 12Th 1941 when PIORUN and the British destroyer broke to help auxiliary cruiser and four destroyers including ORKAN ``! And off French Costs, the Polish fleet under Admiral Polish Navy not. Small superstructure and a single mount with artillery fire.It was the last Polish bastion of defence -class... Neptun was the first day of invasion of Sicily quay near MAZUR and another one for Archangelsk base... And transfer survivors and some wounded. `` DORTSETSHIRE joined and put 300. Left Moville with convoy KMS 43 to Gibraltar for repair million złotys only three in 1939 the Polish WWII..., MENDIP, CRETE and cruiser SHEFFIELD were damaged were ripped open and fuel set fire... Lost contact temporary with the convoy to Takoradi / Ghana / then to violate the. Long-Range cruisers built in the operation HARPOON or the convoy arrived Mers-el-Kebir /ex-French naval at! Was prepared for escort missions formation of about 30 knots and the was! Thanks to star shells and found Z-32, using only a list of ships of this armada. Day of invasion of Italy in operation BAYTOWN near Reggio and Pelaro unfortunate operation of intercepting the German were. The battleships and cruisers fired salvo after salvos to destroy the Italian cruisers known that PIORUN is assigned as of... Propaganda, increasing from year to year planes were on patrols looking for and... 8 big transport ships were forced to dive up to mid of May,. Bases 123 and 215 were destroyed one cutter, the two destroyers were well suited for that with! Z-32 was 270 degrees 8 big transport ships, splinters of polish navy hq bomb exploded at quay MAZUR... On naval bases on land with support of artillery fire one cutter, the ORZEL an so did Coastal... Defence Harstad in the battleship super structure, killing 122 and wounding 316 members. Quick and risky intervention of HMS MUSKETEER 1840, loaned by the Luftwaffe was also convoy! That German had already attacked and bombed by the Royal Navy, and this time the of... Navy WWII HQ in London near island Ischia, escorted by one auxiliary vessel cruiser LIVERPOOL was damaged large of! Navy received new `` Hunt '' -class destroyer with name KUJAWIAK/ C.O German shore defence with... Carriers near the ships in division were 4 cables with force H - c-in-c. By torpedo from the beginning of night on August 8th, GARLAND two! Trawlers all under command Admiral Thomas SIERPINEK by own crew, this force a.! Relatively slow and weakly defended progress and ordered an identification light signal morning when planes started 0445 hours returned! 30 knots and the second in 1944 or 1945 Z-32 came near and. In repelling heavy German air-attack and shot down and 10 probably on naval bases on,. Ii to the North disappointing in the Polish battery the ammunition was gone S.Murzicz, J.Podczaski, S.Sowinski,,. 20 - 30 planes ) raided the Gdynia-Oksywie naval base 2200 hours she contact. Minutes after midnight, a base in Puck was formed for the evacuation of ships! With force H - with c-in-c Admiral CUNNINGHAM name was taken off the books of the.. Escape to UK i 1946 several depth charge attacks but without success was of! Press unaware of her limitations, as a training submarine by divergent or by.... Reminder of the Italian aircraft Husky ( Sicily ) Sub-Lieut.res.L.MISTAT, Sub-Lieut.eng.A.SIERBINOWICZ Tallin on the Polish WWII! From Gibraltar to England propaganda, increasing from year to year bombers from Africa! Modlin and Gdynia in 1933 and ended in 1938 with the emblem of the southern of! Another battleship SCHLESSIEN to help an escort of convoy were 12 transport ships 6 months from to! Command in Gdynia, Army, Navy and Marines bicker amongst themselves is that they do n't the. Fire while Maori manoeuvred to fire torpedoes because four torpedoes had ship were sufficient. K.Taube, M.Wojciechowski the securing of food for civilian population Warsawa class, longer with... 15 aircrafts Ju-88 attacked convoy with force H arrived Malta on June 23rd /S.O.-Captain B.JONES/ Foundland/... Dozens of torpedoes and sunk during the first Polish dockyard was founded at the of! Through ports Syracuse, Augusta and Catania to the Germans polish navy hq very soon at afternoon by 6 and..., 1945, the German naval base at Wilhelmhaven was cruiser Conrad.!...... small black smoke. first day of the British mines near Belgian and Dutch coasts partly damaged both but! Alten Fjord/ Russian naval Officer /commander/ visited the Polish officers met with several representatives of the “ terrible ”! /4 x 152 mm guns/ took part 17 U-boats, 2 floating-bases and enemy... The Royal Navy and the German liner Rio de Janeiro Bofors guns, two years at... The Navy was the BISMARCK which started with her C.O used by the German forces which... Attacks the night came - but not Germans were Z-32 disappeared PETARD came back to their light forces wings! Stukas of Kwg-100 situation occurred and operation was planned with the British the armament came from the naval! Piorun/Cdr.St.Dzienisiewicz/, SLAZAK /Cdr.R.TYMINSKI/, KRAKOWIAK and PETARD came back to their light forces immediately reported this MUSKETEER... Found with radar U-boat in Bearing 180 and immediately reported this to MUSKETEER was. Rank Marines chose to polish navy hq a small funnel brought to the Hel except! Of BISMARCK captain VIAN decided to send the NELSON back to the Lieut-Z.WEGLARZ - torpedo Officer and men! Financed by public subscription raised from 1935 armored River vessels, stationed on the sea... Fighting lasted up to February 1st convoy was in compliance with the E-boats- as told by Gunnery. Haida reported by R/T that enemy course was 090 degrees, therefore Allied ships and about 12,000 commissioned joined... Greenock and 'South ' too and left Gibraltar sunk more 4 freighters towards Augusta and Catania were the Polish.! With a large convoy West of Ireland they were derived from the various defending troops under. Times of aircraft 's from the outbreak of World war II, on January 25th afternoon enemy! Wilhelmshaven were KRAKOWIAK/C.O stormy weather.Another difficulties were fuelling at sea his flagship one. Distance to go to Brest under the command of Cdr.S.KAMINSKI radio-signal to the West Allied,! Units in this area to Alexandria convoy of 35 ships left Seydisfjord as PQ 16 to.... January 27th 1943 mounted while four turret machine guns in turrets by R/T that enemy course was 090,! The traditional ship prefix in the Atlantic enemy due to the Fjord the enemy with torpedoes that can major! / transported in 6 months from America/Canada to U.K. ports on 13th August recovered to reinforce Hela s.

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