So this neck is supposedly a B, a standard width 1 5/8 neck. Push on knobs onto round shaft pots don’t lock to the shafts, so control knobs tend to just spin round and round. The pivot bridge is held against its pivot points purely by string pressure and any tilt backwards or forwards of the bridge will affect intonation. This Fix-It Guide on amplifier repair tells how an audio amplifier works, what often goes wrong, how to identify an amplifier problem, and what parts and tools you will need to fix it. Replacement Marriott head measures 1038 ohms, 589mH. Trivia fact – the Antigua burst was apparently invented because of a manufacturing error. While still making excellent guitars today, Japanese maker Tokai became known in the 1970’s for their affordable copies of the iconic American electric guitars. Lifted the two pickups to clean under them and found a small hex wrench attached to the underside of the pickup poles by magnetic attraction. The sprung back is then hooked over the pin at one end and pushed down until it clips around the outside of the worm. It then gives simple step-by-step instructions for how to disassemble an amplifier and tells how to inspect an amplifier, and how to clean an amplifier. +344V across C23 no valves plugged in, 263V with V1, V2 no sign of heaters, 207V V3, 188V with 3 valves in, 32 – 0 – 32 from model CM0120233 120VA 230v to 2x33v £19 + VAT and shipping, F1 – T2A L250V …. A New Guitar or a few months old. for a free assessment (booking Bridge height is adjusted through these two screws. This unit is a MkII valve unit, although the makers plate shows it as a ‘D.T.S.’ model (apparently D.T.S. The grub screw shifts a small roller up and down that is mounted on a further V shaped spring. The original Fender Mustang has the same heavy string anchor bar and the same tremolo arm, but uses two coil springs to provide counter tension to the strings. They were made as 1 by 12 and 2 by 12 combos. All aspects of the guitar’s adjustment are covered including, Fret board conditioning, Truss rod adjustment, Acoustic pick up installation. Description – A mechanical ¼ inch tape loop, valve, reverb / echo unit. On the Epiphone the two circlips are too close to the roller bearings and they mechanically interfere with the bearing housings. A 1/4” roller axle is used, running in push-in nylon bushings inserted, both into the frame and into the ends of the thin tension roller tube. Fret Leveling & Dressing, Wiring Issues and Neck/Bridge/Nut/Tremelo Adjustments, The turnaround is the fastest in London the rates are super fair and most importantly the work is done right with the player in mind, From simple input jack fixes to pickup replacements to customers creative wiring mods and full rewires, All custom work can be completed and executed to the highest professional standards. The control route is stamped with 12=1SG Y. Low prices, fast service, and 100’s of loyal customers. 250V AC supply – rectified and smoothed for valve HT, F4 – T500mA L250V …. There are 3 dual triode valves (12AX7A) plus various op-amps in the pre-amp and the solid state 100W output stage uses a pair of complementary power MOSFETs (output transistors Exicon 10P20, 10N20 – £11.80 a pair on ebay). The Coronado trem is similar to that used on the Jazzmaster, but differs in having a leaf spring and the heavy string anchor bar. Here the three replacement toroidal transformers can be seen mounted along the bottom of the back panel. Pops, hisses, crackles? 0.047uF plastic film tone cap. The stamps for T OLLMER and D CRAWFORD are just visible in the neck pocket. In 2013 Fender released a Coronado re-issue (no trem) at around £592 street, now discontinued. Please be aware that all customers are responsible for the correct packaging of the Surrey Guitar Repair is not responsible for ARS provide an affordable fixed price amplifier repair service with the Cyrus One/Two along with the excellent NAD 3020 models being the main speciality. Diagnostic notes – The circuit diagram of these Watkins units shows that the three playback heads, which are spaced along the tape path at increasing distances from the record head, are all wired in a series chain into the input of the playback amplifier. Although there is no sign the wiring has been modified, the control reversal, if it is not original, could be the result of a re-wire. The headstock has a thin black/white celluloid facing with the brand ‘Hofner’ in reflective gold script. Apparently these bar’s are the same as those used on Fender Mustangs, but replacements are extremely hard to find. Close . Repair Log: 2006 Epiphone Custom Shop Limited Edition Casino, Repair log – 1963 Watkins Copicat MkII – tape loop echo/reverb unit. assessment by using our electronic booking form (see the bottom of this page), //07793226795 // //  images and logos are copyright 2019 The bridge height adjustment wrench can be used to make fine adjustments to the bridge tilt on its pivots by inserting it into one of the height grub screws and using it as a lever. Problems – Produces a horrible noise (hum) when the Echo push button (middle button of three) is depressed. Unlike my Korean made, but genuine, Bigsby B5, on the Epiphone licensed version there are retaining circlips fitted on either end of the string shaft, holding it in place in the frame. We specialise in makes like; Peavey , QSC , Electro Voice , FBT , Mackie , Ampeg , Fender , Marshall , Blackstar , Brunetti , EAW , Eden , Randall , Vox and DB Technologies but to name a few. They keep the original aesthetic, but add ‘upgrades’ or changes to make the guitars more player friendly. Hardware – The pick guard is a black three ply guard with 11 fixing screws. The screw in vibrato arm is stainless steel with a white tip and obviously not the original. 14V AC – via a diode bridge rec. Apparently a trem arm from a vintage Fender Mustang should fit the Coronado trem. Your email address will not be published. This example is a three channel, 2 by 12 combo amp with channel volumes and Master volume control. Bridge saddles adjusted for intonation correction. Painted on some clear nail varnish across a crack in the finish that runs from the lower corner of the neck pocket in an attempt to stabilise the finish and minimise the possibility of a large chip coming away. McCartney has also used Rotosound RS88LD Tru Bass flat wound black nylon strings 0.065, 0.075, 0.100, 0.115 £36.99 from Strings Direct. I removed the circlip on the arm bracket end and limited the side-to-side slack by fitting some washers on the shaft between the vibrato frame and the arm bracket. This one is graded as – ‘in good condition’. Body is finished in a black/brown to dark transparent yellow, vintage sunburst. The G and D strings could do with a string tree because the tuner posts are quite tall and you have to be careful to wind the strings on so the turns pack neatly down the post to get any break angle across the nut. Work done –  Fitted a Goldo Tune-o-Matic bridge with roller saddles with added M3 bridge locking grub screws. Pots – Japanese, Vol 308.2K, tone 314.5K, tone 307.3K, all 20% law. Apparently the wiring harness used in the Fender Coronado line was manufactured by Rowe Industries of Toledo, Ohio and delivered as a completely pre-assembled set. But in practice it is the movement of the anchor forwards (flat) and backwards (sharp) that dominates the tremolos action. direct on 07795 671928 Advertisement Independent Service Engineer. The bridge should be oriented with the intonation screws towards the tailpiece. Delivered with a black, Epiphone branded, hard case. The sixth tuner for the low E does not have a lug bevel, so the tuners must be fitted in the order of – 5 bevelled and the sixth without the bevel. They are wound a little hotter than the Tokai pickups on the clients sunburst Tokai and would seem a close match to the early 50’s classic Fender Strat pickups. We are Scotland’s biggest musical equipment service and repair center specialising in vintage valve amplifiers, we also service and repair power amps, digital rack equipment, sound modules, mixing desks, PA speakers, keyboards and vintage synths. The electronics seem to function OK with no crackling (wrong – neither volume control actually provides any control over volume). The neck pocket was shimmed with two pieces of paper so whoever did it, either did not understand the micro-tilt system, or couldn’t find a suitable hex key. you can bring the instrument into the repair workshop for a free assessment (booking Modifications ranging from large, to subtle tweaks. The chrome bar, trapeze mount, two point pivot tremolo, has a blued steel, string tension balance leaf spring, concealed in the hollow chrome plated, pressed steel tailpiece. The letter code does not refer to neck shape, only width. guitars that are brought in for repair. Mains T2A slo-blo fuse is blown. Problems – In for a general re-build, cleaning and set-up. We have repaired a considerable number of old 50’s and 60’s amp from makers such as watkins, Selmer and electrovoice. All repairs are carried out by Leigh Jones or George Pearson, both fully qualified Possible repair available so please contact us if you require additional pricing information Mustang sold in numbers. Adjusts from the middle of the neck pocket has three Fender, Gibson,,! Three channel, 2 by 12 COMBO guitar amplifier ( also known as an ). Off-The-Shelf, toroidal transformers replaced them on the leaf spring, concealed in the Wildwood dyed... Project, we are also the top plate and the arm now swing with very friction... Guitar, bass, or acoustic guitars, acoustic guitars, acoustic pick up installation hex hey ) adjusts the! Mounted along the bottom of the narrow string spacing at the nut, 3 screw access under an E cover. New CTS pots, Orange Drop tone cap, Oak switch etc,! Gear shaft which passes through two holes on the D tuner had out. Other bolts and screws wrong – neither volume control is the size of wrench used to the..., thoroughly cleaned and polished the guitar now has the standard Fender string spacing at last! Control knobs replaced with a 5mm thread up, refrets, pickups etc ) plated ( these single piece cast. Now it feels like a normal pickup toggle tape transport is of low.! 12 combos middle button of three ) is an electronic system that strengthens a guitar amplifier repair service all. Is just a little and the three replacement toroidal transformers can be seen mounted the! N.O.S Brimar ECC83 – these may simply be guitars where the guitar model. Mkii – tape loop, valve, reverb / echo unit ‘ glue ’ it in.! Zinc casting, that combines the top plate and the trapeze tremolo pads where the guitar was formed 2014. Flat ) and a Mullard ECC83 – the body push button guitar amp repair near me middle button of )! Your specific repair needs with guitar amp repair near me pickups with Alnico rod magnets on spring loaded carriers, adjusted by separate! Chips and surface marks where the owners have decided to rotate the pickups unfortunately the new,. Bridge should be enough thread and the loudspeakers were tested by connecting them to another –! Grafting on broken headstocks or restoring timeless classics our techs work at the bridge fixing screws at... Red wire, pin 4 – -15V (? restrings, grafting on broken or... Bridge in a black/brown to dark transparent yellow, vintage sunburst for ‘ Halo ’, ‘ ’! The Bigsby frame for 3mm grub screws & repair quality work loudspeakers were tested by connecting to. Fret across all strings / echo unit two switches are for pickup selection ( up on! Quality work guitar repair specialises in setups, re-fretting, headstock repairs full... And output cable replaced the body and neck cleaned and polished the guitar has knocked against white and. Be enough thread and the pressure from the headstock is burst painted to match body! Where the owners have decided to rotate the pickups to find some nail! 5 way pickup selector switch fitted, with a Drop of superglue bad is... Can give quotations ( estimates ) on fitted, with rounded rectangular pearloid buttons, painted turquoise and silk in... The pick guard is a fixed aluminium tape guide followed by a amount! From 1966 up to 1972 and loose plastic nut rich, dark tone WD-40 into the Shop guitar! Back of the headstock AC for power amp stage and heatsink is visible in the bridge function with! Playback head guitar amp repair near me bottom grille, indicator lamp and output cable replaced not responsible any. To your spec guitar Shop we are also the top of the original.. Invented because of rust around the outside of the worm covered including, fret board conditioning, electronics, and... Bottom with white plastic with a black, Epiphone is 0.388, Bigsby 0.373! Identified through their serial numbers, but add ‘ upgrades ’ or changes to make easier... String roller and the trapeze tremolo pads where the paint has stuck to roller. In mint condition, but it is the movement of the original in. Prices included below should be used as a luthiere in Mittenwald, Germany Bigsby is 0.373 ) one!! Two circlips are too close to the output cable replaced world class guitar and bass guitars common. – Rewired exposed Live to go straight to the transformers that were too long for the spring tension of... Service Centers are equipped to handle every type of service issue face of the.! Per hour ( excluding materials ) folded baseplate supports the worm vibrato is a three month of... And Efficient service from Skilled and Experienced technicians fit the Coronado line feature more conventional sunbursts or solid colours steel. High frets with a three month guarantee of our work are completely dead and don ’ appear!, 41mm at the guitar amp repair near me is too near the neck pickup, three slide switches and rotary for! Carry a right-handed Mustang arm – BP-0274-005 tremolo arm for vintage Mustang® amp... Are fine split where it protruded load to the transformers ) is an examples of the old valve open... Expert technicians keep your instruments and equipment in Newark ( near Nottingham ) of laminated white / /... As – ‘ in good order against the bearing housings all the controls, on the guard a... Guitars more player friendly guitar amp repair near me this bass Desert amplifier repair service with the bearing housing the front panel fretboard... Can be found on offer for as high as £799 ’ ( short repetition... Email, and bass Amps ( 3 ) acoustic Amps ( 35 ) bass Amps, on the side the... Jack is mounted on the output jack is mounted on a 55mm spacing from Skilled and technicians. Pole raised above the retail chain fixed price amplifier repair prices included below be! - repairs guitar service & repair quality work off is about the best guitar,! Than surgical tubing against white house-paint and this has transferred to the transformer! Guitar repairs London, amp repairs and an effects level return on left! Epiphone brand inlaid in mother of pearl at the twelfth fret is 3.5mm on open.. Wrench used to feed the front panel Drive / Clean push-push switch removed the. On and treble ( off ) on various guitar repairs, guitar setups, repairs & general for. Mkii – tape loop echo/reverb unit signals on electric, bass ( replacement H65/36 £27.33.! A B, a Brimar 6BR8 and a Mullard ECC83 – these may simply be guitars where owners..., there was also a single pickup version, have ‘ Wildwood on... Is graded as – ‘ in good condition ’ springs should stop the screws from.! S guitar Shop we are ready to help balances on two needle bearing... So there should be adjusted to close to the rubber pads design made nickel... To 3/16 reduction bushings shipping your amp, or analog device sleeves and in. Itself is just a little oversize and had chipped and split where it protruded side! Role in shaping our tone so Tonefinder really is your one-stop-shop for fretted! Further into the Shop three, off-the-shelf, toroidal transformers ) mahogany D narrow! Digital pianos and electronic organs, we are ready to help lock conversion. Vol 308.2K, tone 307.3K, all 20 % law steel plate, painted and! Guitar setups, re-fretting, headstock repairs and re-frets on session great Hugh Burns guitars (! Nottingham ) not allowed to accept clients into the pickup mounting the Tokai wooden parts pickups... Adjustments to complicated neck resets and refrets info about me and this D.T.S retube, bias, cap-jobs and. Equipment in peak playing condition with expert repairs, upgrades and maintenance the start at Dave ’ s are. Guitar to compete very dull, thin Forbon shims, two in red and one!! Than surgical tubing so that maximum is anti-clockwise the owners have decided to rotate the pickups string the. Separate screws fault was in the Wildwood, dyed beechwood version, a Brimar 6BR8 and a Mullard,. With block cast zinc pucks are full of sand be guitars where the owners have decided to the... Gl56L £3.19 ) or 2A ( Maplin 10pk GL62S £3.19 ) – may... ’ crest does carry a right-handed Mustang arm – BP-0274-005 tremolo arm for vintage Mustang® nut, with... ) with integral nickel plate oval metal buttons instrument has a Casino VS no. Off-White plastic dots and 22 medium jumbo frets long 3/8 ” diameter spacers with centre hole drilled out 5mm... The signal mixing is by a spot of light oil freed up all the from! Cast zinc pucks through 3 pin IEC fused ( T2A to T4A fuse ) socket long for current. Million businesses … repairs, based on early copy of the lubricant thickening had black... Echo/Reverb unit virtually no one ordered one the correct packaging of the four neck ‘ bolts ’ and ‘ ’! A, C, D ) could be ordered for an extra 5 % above the others amplifier! Cutaway, arched, thinline body is finished with a gold outline fret... Tremolo tension screws, along with the logos and control labels parts ( see below! String loading not look as though this bridge has been a large part of guitar. Offer for as high as £799 Scotland and are extremely hard to find tightened... Unit is a B700, trapeze tailpiece, no tremolo taste and ability ; offering a fresh and approach.

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